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Author Press Releases

January 2015 Author Press Releases

Jan 27 Xulon Title Exchanges Rules for Revelation from the Scriptures
Jan 23 Xulon Book of Poems and Psalms Speaks of the Trials Ahead
Jan 23 Xulon Title Outlines the Proven Path to Success for Any Individual
Jan 23 Xulon Photo Book Brings Clarity to the Bible, Transforms Lives
Jan 22 Xulon Title Highlights Lessons Taught by God through Children
Jan 22 Xulon Children's Book Draws Attention to a Real Spiritual Realm
Jan 21 Xulon Title Drives Readers' Passions to Accomplish their Dreams
Jan 21 Xulon Color Book is a Delightful Read for Animal Lovers of Any Age
Jan 20 Xulon Book in Spanish Shares an Incredible Testimony of Faith
Jan 20 Xulon Title Provides a Look at Recovery after Losing a Spouse
Jan 19 Xulon Title Contains Poems that Ease the Mind, Point to Jesus
Jan 19 Xulon Guide Illuminates God's Word for Readers of Every Level
Jan 16 Xulon Title Releases Readers from the Burden of Poor Credit
Jan 16 Xulon Book: Friends Can be Made in the Most Unlikely Situations
Jan 15 Xulon Title Ushers Forth a New Generation of Caring Individuals
Jan 14 Xulon Title Teaches on the Imminent Rapture, Cites the Apostles
Jan 14 Vibrant Xulon Color Book Models Respect, Self-Worth in Families
Jan 13 Xulon Title Clearly Presents a Solid Argument Against Evolution
Jan 12 Xulon Title Shares the Gift of God's Love, and a New Beginning
Jan 12 Connect with God in the Most Natural Way of All with Xulon Book
Jan 12 Xulon Guide Goes Beyond 'Self-Help,' Details God's Principles
Jan 08 Xulon Novel Entertains While Facing Tragedy, Secrets, and More
Jan 07 Xulon Book Provides Key Tips for Effective Christian Leadership
Jan 07 Xulon Title Breaks Readers Out of a Common Financial Struggle
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