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Author Press Releases

March 2015 Author Press Releases

Mar 27 Xulon Book Offers Overall Healing for the Spirit, Soul, and Body
Mar 27 Xulon Manual is a Priceless Resource in the Hands of Believers
Mar 27 Xulon Book Guides Those Studying 'Revelation,' Eschatology
Mar 27 Xulon Title Proclaims that the Secret to Success is Faith in God
Mar 26 Xulon Title is a Crucial Message to God's People about the Enemy
Mar 26 Xulon Book Shares a Scary Diagnosis, and How God Showed Up
Mar 26 Xulon Title Creatively Expresses Wise Counsel, Scripture, and More
Mar 26 Xulon Book Carries the Reflections of a Professional Writer, Artist
Mar 25 Xulon Book Tells One Special Man's Story and the Impact He Had
Mar 25 Xulon Title Deals with Real Battles, Provides the Needed Answer
Mar 25 Xulon Guide Lends Advice and Lessons Learned from a 'Warrior'
Mar 25 Xulon Book Renews Mindsets with Scripture and Tips for Growth
Mar 24 Xulon Novel Combines Sci-Fi and Scripture for a Brilliant Read
Mar 23 Xulon Memoir Recounts an Extraordinary Testimony of Triumph
Mar 23 Xulon Book Builds a Strong Foundation on Biblical Truths
Mar 23 Xulon Title Uncovers God's Pre-Ordained Purpose for Every Life
Mar 20 Xulon Title Leads Male Readers to Success and Spiritual Growth
Mar 20 Xulon Guide Illuminates God's Promises, Declarations, and More
Mar 18 Xulon Book Amuses Readers with Quirky Characters, Illustrations
Mar 18 Xulon Title Recounts Miraculous Events, After-Death Experience
Mar 17 Xulon Title Delves into Self-Love and its Connection to God
Mar 17 Xulon Guide Equips All for a More Satisfying Christian Journey
Mar 17 Xulon Title is Both Fun and Informative; a Literary Treat for All
Mar 16 Xulon Book Delivers Tools, Illustrations, and Delightful Stories
Mar 13 Xulon Title Ties Science and Spirituality in a Concise Format
Mar 12 Xulon Memoir Recounts Deliverance, Healing, Providence, and More
Mar 12 Xulon Memoir Looks Back at a Lifetime of Hard Work, Blessings
Mar 11 Xulon Book Proves that God is Alive and Well, at Work Even Today
Mar 11 Xulon Title Exemplifies that Great Hope Exists for Hurting People
Mar 10 Xulon Book Inspires Readers to Seek God in All Circumstances
Mar 10 Xulon Book Emphasizes Creative Expression and Spiritual Themes
Mar 06 Xulon Title Puts Christ at the Center of a Thrilling Survival Story
Mar 05 Ninety-Day Xulon Guide is the Start to Uncovering Your Best Life
Mar 05 Xulon Color Book Views Dispensations from the Eyes of a Child
Mar 03 Xulon Book Relates How Christ's Sacrifice Overcame Rejection
Mar 02 Xulon Title Proclaims that Women are Called to Build God's Kingdom
Mar 02 Xulon Book Prompts Readers to Pursue an Extraordinary Lifestyle
Mar 02 Xulon Title Shows God's Deep Love for the Sick, Disabled
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