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New Novel Weaves Tale About Discovery of Life on Other Planets

Readers will gain an appreciation for eternal life in paradise


LONGWOOD, FL--Down through the ages many bizarre events have occurred on planet earth, and although many theories may have been presented to explain them, some things are still a mystery. Many people seem confident that it's just a matter of time before life will be discovered on another planet. Within the pages of Paradise? It's Very Good ($14.99, paperback, 978-1-60957-681-3), a new title from Xulon Press author Harold Weiser, is a fascinating story of two small-town Texas boys who become astronauts and make one of the greatest discoveries of all time. Valuable lessons can be learned from perfect immortal humans living in peace and happiness on a planet called Very Good, and these can serve as practical guidelines for people on earth.

"My hope is that the readers of my book will gain an understanding of and an appreciation for the beauty and splendor of eternal life in paradise that awaits them if they will believe and accept the plan of salvation that God has made available to them," the author says.

Harold Weiser--who now resides in Ocoee, Florida, with his wife and two sons--formerly lived in Texas. In addition to his love of plants, he became an avid Bible reader at an early age and has read the entire Bible more than 15 times. As a member of the Lutheran church, he has served as a Sunday school teacher and has had one other book, The Victorious Decision, published.

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