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Daniel O. Ogweno : THE SECRET WEAPON AGAINST TERRORISM - The Only Way of Capturing "The Most Wanted"

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The Only Way of Capturing "The Most Wanted"

Daniel O. Ogweno

6 x 9
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    Book Summary

    In this book, Ogweno is not seeking God's best answer for terrorism but God's personal intervention. He points out the difference it makes when God Himself shows up in the hearts of both the terrorist and the terrorized. God's law, for example, is perfect-His best (Psalm 19:7), but some religious people almost executed a woman based on their understanding of this law. All this changed when, instead of "God's best," God Himself showed up (John 8:3- 11). The books that have been written on terrorism are basically descriptive and informative. In this book, however, Ogweno compellingly turns the light on to the prescriptive and transformative Secret Weapon Against Terrorism. He maintains: "Our greatest desire is to bring back civility, sanity and security so that we can travel, work and gather in social places without fear. We don't seek to understand terrorism more than we long to stop it." This book, therefore, doesn't describe the problem, it prescribes the solution.

    Author Profile

    In the morning hours of January 22nd 1989, Ogweno "stumbled" on what he had been unknowingly seeking- something that would quench the sensual cravings in his life. He met Christ and was sensationally saved. Since then, he has passionately pursued God's pleasure. Ogweno believes that God spoke to him, saying: 'I am going to give you My best!' But he answered and said: 'Lord, I need more than Your best; I need You- Personally!" That was Ogweno's quest. The result, as he puts it, "God didn't just give me His best, He gave me Himself in the person of Christ." Ogweno holds Bachelor of Education (Moi University, Kenya) and M.Phil. in Mass Communication and Media Studies (University of Bergen, Norway). He is married to Laura Caroline and they are blessed with two boys: Victor and Jim-Jif, and a girl: Baraka.
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