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Tommy & Linda Jeffords : God's Child - none

God's Child


Tommy & Linda Jeffords

5 x 8
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    This story is dedicated to all those past, present and future who have or will believe in their heart and mind and confess with their mouth that Jesus Christ is the Son of The Living God, God Almighty, and have put Him above all others in their lives. We sincerely hope that in some way we may encourage others who know Jesus as their Savior to grow spiritually and we hope that some who don’t know our Savior may, because of the record of events presented here, come to accept Him as their Savior.

    God’s Child is the story of the events of a week in the lives of a young family. It is a record of tragedy and loss and the effect those events had on two young parents. It brought about a need to decide who and what was most important in their lives and how those events would affect the direction their lives would take. For the most part tragedies live on in the memories of those affected . “Time heals all wounds”, perhaps ! But tragedy, heartache, hard times , sorrow or whatever trials life may hand out still force us to learn just how deep and sincere our beliefs are. For some it may be devastating and lead to a life of sorrow without a willingness or desire or ability to recognize blessings and opportunities while for others it provides an opportunity for growth for thankfulness and a desire to serve and minister to those in need who may come our way.

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