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Woodrow Michael Kroll : STEROIDS FOR YOUR SOUL - Finding Daily Strength in the Psalms


Finding Daily Strength in the Psalms

Woodrow Michael Kroll

7.5 x 9.25
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    Everybody loves the Psalms. You’ve read them for encouragement, for devotion, just for the sheer joy of reading them. You have your favorites and you return to those favorites time and again. The Psalms have buoyed the spirits of God’s people for ages.
    But are you missing the best the Psalms has to offer? Are you getting out of the Psalms all David and the other writers intended? Steroids For Your Soul will help you to dig into the Psalms and draw precious spiritual nutrients from them.

    In Steroids For Your Soul you will find a daily reading plan to guide you in reading every verse of the Psalms in one year. There’s an outline of each psalm to reveal what was on the psalmist’s heart. You’ll be uplifted with a daily devotional by Woodrow Kroll based on your reading for that day. And in the “Dig Deeper” block, you’ll be directed to dozens of other Scriptures that treat the same theme. You won’t just spritz across the surface; you’ll dig as deeply into the psalm as you want. And that’s not all. The author provides what God’s message is for you in the psalm, what you should do about that message, and suggests a prayer for you to talk with God. There’s even a “Note to Self” block where you can write your own response to the psalm. And each day you’ll be given an encouraging quote to carry you through the day.
    Steroids For Your Soul is sooooo much more than a devotional. It will be your companion to kick-start your day or comfort you just before you turn in. Read it anytime of the day and let the Psalms encourage you in your walk with God. Remember: “A psalm a day keeps the devil away.”

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    Woodrow Michael Kroll -- For nearly 23 years listeners around the world grew in their spiritual life and biblical depth from Dr. Kroll’s Bible teaching on the international radio program Back to the Bible. In retirement Woodrow Kroll continues to teach the Word and touch the world through The Psalm 119 Association, Inc.
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