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Royal Design by Dr. Donna Webber

Royal Design

The Redeemed are Divinely Designed to Rule and Reign with King Jesus on our Journey of Faith.

by Dr. Donna Webber

Pages: 222

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - General
  • RELIGION - Spirituality

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498408264

Price : $15.49

We are not just people meandering through life without purpose or direction; we, the Royal Priesthood, are divinely designed to rule and reign with our Majestic King Jesus in God’s glorious kingdom according to His grace-filled plan.However, life has led several Christians down a path of unbelief, self-righteousness, licentiousness, and complacency with the status quo, which has been in a state of rapid decline in recent years.What Dr. Donna Webber believes today’s Christians need is a “wake-up call” of faith, being jolted out of the slumber of lukewarmness, and being revived to harvest souls for the increase of God’s kingdom and glory.
Her new book, Royal Design, focuses on necessary steps needed to develop and regain a strong spiritual stance, with faith and confidence in the Heavenly Father.We all can aspire to grow, mature and be established in our spiritual stance of holiness and sanctification, day by day, until Jesus Christ returns for us. This is what growing from faith to faith, strength to strength and glory to glory is all about. It’s by our own choice, consistency and discipline which will facilitate our spiritual growth and maturity in God.
Composed in ten listed chapters, Donna discusses actions Christians can prayerfully implement to experience victorious, joyous living in our walk of faith. Being Holy Spirit led, choosing to forgive others for wrongdoings, and building our faith, are just a few of the valuable Spirit-led recommendations Donna provides in her book.
Donna also invites readers to peruse memorable encounters from God that she and her family experienced at a crossroad of major life changes, with a degree of uncertainty as to how to proceed. Those unforgettable events coupled with her recommendations, will prompt Christians to answer the call, and wake up to this generation’s need for Jesus, NOW!

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