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Healing from Divorce, Separation and Abandoned Love by Louise M. Diehl, RN,MSN,ND,ACNS-BC,NP-C

Healing from Divorce, Separation and Abandoned Love

A Long Journey to Healing!

by Louise M. Diehl, RN,MSN,ND,ACNS-BC,NP-C

Pages: 218

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • SELF-HELP - Personal Growth - General
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Relationships

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498432658

Price : $15.49

Increasingly more Christian and non-Christian couples have decided that the best decision to make in a dysfunctional relationship is to part their ways and move on to find contentment in their life, and re-attempt to find their soul mate and true love.
Continuing to exist in a dysfunctional relationship has many negative physical and emotional consequences. Louise draws upon her own personal experience and her counseling with other couples to help people maneuver through these emotionally devastating times towards ultimate healing.
Having faced her own struggles with marriage, divorce, and abandoned love, author Louise Diehl empathizes with the feelings of sadness, anger, loneliness, and the accompanying uncertainty about what to do during these wearisome trials.
She provides readers with a helpful guide for gaining peace in the midst of separation and/or divorce in her nonfiction book, Healing from Divorce, Separation and Abandoned Love. Comprised of chapters focused on the process of terminating a relationship and the emotional struggles that occur at this time; Louise makes it known to readers that the greatest strength to have in this time comes only from God. She bestows Biblical scripture verses that support the advice she offers. She stresses how God has the ability to strengthen people to overcome debilitating trials when relationships fail.
Louise presents each chapter topic; ranging from identifying and exiting a toxic relationship, coping with your anger and revenge, battling loneliness, handling the legal issues, what to do when children are involved in a relationship separation, healing and regaining the strength to love again and move on with your life, and much more.
She stresses that there are ultimate benefits for moving through these trials and healing, as you grow stronger with your faith in God. The main goal evident in the pages of Healing from Divorce, Separation and Abandoned Love is to assist readers in achieving healing in this extremely devastating time and to be able to gracefully move on with their separate lives. Knowing God can heal their wounds and ignite their joy and hope, readers will be able to embrace the future with strength and most importantly the skills to learn to trust and love again.

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