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A SAINTLY JOURNEY HOME by Maxine Rose Gladden


From New Birth Into Glory Land

by Maxine Rose Gladden

Pages: 162

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christianity - Literature & the Arts
  • FICTION - Literary
  • DRAMA - Religious & Liturgical

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498489003

Price : $20.49

I had the pleasure of being introduced to John Bunyan's timeless Theological work, "The Pilgrim's Progress", and sought to glean from it to portray a contemporary journey from earth to glory.

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God’s daughter-servant, Maxine Rose Gladden, was born in Harlem, New York, February 11, 1954, to the late Samuel Herman Lee Gladden, and the late Adeur Marie Elizabeth Snead Gladden. Ms. Gladden was blessed to have a mother who intensely strove to raise her four daughters by the Word of God, in a church that stressed sound doctrinal Theology, and living “Christlikeness” by the power of God the Holy Spirit! Although a novice, she is delighted in this endeavor, and intends to continue writing by God’s holy will! Ms. Gladden is a mother of two sons, a daughter and grandmother to her beloved grandson. Her maternal role is secondary only to Him Who is her whole passion in life: The Lord Jesus Christ! Although she engages in the fields of apologetics and hermeneutics informally, she believes it would be difficult to find anyone more intense in them, an effortless 24-7 activity. (Jude 3 & 2 Timothy 2:15)
Accordingly, Ms. Gladden read the timeless classic “A Pilgrim’s Progress”, which imprinted an unquenchable desire to write a chronicle of a relative saintly-journey, yet in a more contemporary format. Her evangelical ministry reveals that this generation needs to know that only events differ, not the spiritual experience! Give a present-day saint one day in another time zone, and they too would adjust to the saints’ experience of that era. This book should support that fact!

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