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Palm Creek's Treasure by Doris Jacox

Palm Creek's Treasure

by Doris Jacox

Pages: 234

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545605554

Price : $15.99


Ms. Jacox writes with simple, measured grace. As she explores the relationship of Myra and Hunt Allen, in a marriage that is both delicate and fierce, she draws readers into the apparently sweet, quiet world of their rural community. Yet, the secrets that simmer under the surface of their lives cannot lie quiet forever. With exquisite precision, Ms. Jacox builds the tension of her narrative to a conclusion that is as startling as it is redemptive. 
—Joanna Beresford
After marriage, Hunt and Myra Allen settled outside a small community named Palm Creek in Appalachia. Once established there, it became very clear that the town’s life centered on events surrounding its coal mine. After an explosion of the same, our young couple learns, through experience, how to journey over the devastation the blast left behind, and finally come to a favorable destination.

Doris Jacox inherited her imagination from her mother. Her mom’s many entertaining stories often alleviated sometimes stressful situations in the home. As the result of listening to her mother, she too found herself telling those vivid tales in her head to others
At the behest of others, she took steps to learn how to put on paper what was going on in her mind. 
She began by studying fictional writing at Ohio State University. These classes have contributed to her ability to transfer her fancies into book forms so that people may read and enjoy.  She has written many articles for friends, projects, family, and church functions.
She plans to publish other books soon.

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