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The Tapestry of Time and Eternity by MARIANNE SNYDER cover artwork artist : Shayna Snyder

The Tapestry of Time and Eternity

by MARIANNE SNYDER cover artwork artist : Shayna Snyder

Pages: 230

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Biblical Studies - Old Testament
  • SELF-HELP - Spiritual

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545662465

Price : $15.99

God intricately weaves a beautiful masterpiece He unfolds before us, all the while unveiling the amazing story of His love. This journey will take us through the adventures of kings and fugitives, the bloodshed and heartache of the innocent, the victories of the mighty and the love of the loyal. There are kingdoms to conquer and hearts to be stolen all in this fascinating study of 1 Samuel. Along the way, God in His amazing splendor will reveal His beautiful Tapestry of Time and Eternity. In the process, we will have an opportunity to learn how each of us can find God’s purpose for our lives. 
As we travel through this study, we will find ourselves intrigued by each character and realize how God has used the events of their lives to weave together a divinely set destiny. Each of us has a history of events that has shaped our existence. We too have a life woven by the hands of the Master as each knotted thread is woven and intertwined into the next. Rarely provided is a chance to see the beautiful pattern of what is to come until those days are long past. Looking back over the years, we are enthralled by the complexity that each day individually weaves into the pattern of this marvelous masterpiece that has become our own unique story. Certainly, we shall witness His sovereignty as He orchestrates each encounter as one moment weaves into the next thus creating the years of history that is divinely displayed throughout life. As we continue through this study, we will become vividly aware of God’s hand in each of our lives. As He tenderly weaves our experiences into a tapestry of our own, we shall have a chance to glimpse into how desperately He loves each and every one of us.
This particular study is the study of 1 Samuel and begins with the introduction of the prophet Samuel as a child and continues throughout the reign of King Saul. Beholding the Beauty of the Tapestry and the Warrior King is a study of 2 Samuel, and is a companion study written in a similar format and most likely would give anyone a valuable insight into this continued study of the first and second books of Samuel. It is designed to be an additional tool for a fascinating perspective and a continued look into this most captivating time of history. 

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