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I Want To Marry You

I Want To Marry You

A manual on the biblical principles of marriage

Pages: 136

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • RELIGION - Christian General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781597818476

Price : $14.99

In this book, Pastor Chris uses the biblical principles of marriage to expose all the devices of the devil that cause late marriages, separations, and divorces. He clearly shows how one can find and get married to his or her right spouse without delay or difficulties. He also describes how one can have a successful and enjoyable marriage. The author deals thoroughly with many topics including:
The primary purpose of marriage
Can God choose a spouse for me?
How to choose your spouse
How to recognise true love
Who is qualified to love?
How should a Christian love?
Must you love your spouse before marriage?
How long should courtship last?
Is courtship for Christians?
History of courtship
Major qualities men want in ladies
What makes a marriage successful?
How do I know a true believer?
Is it wrong for a man to marry an older lady?
How to seek God's direction
How do I know whom God has directed to me?
How does fornication affect the choice of right spouse?
How to avoid fornication completely
Is it good to marry through matchmaking?
Basic financial requirement for a man before marriage
How to raise funds for your marriage ceremony
How to make your intended spouse trust in your fidelity
This book is not just a must read but also a must have for every Christian single and married person around the world. It is strongly recommended for pastors, counsellors, and parents for use as a teaching manual.

Pastor Chris Ojigbani is the founder of Covenant Singles and Married Ministries. He was a successful businessman before God called him to a worldwide ministry for singles and married, with a divine mandate to preach the Word, correct and rebuke the wrong doctrines of marriage. He and his wife Uche, who is also involved in the ministry, live in Lagos, Nigeria.

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