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Volume 1: Burden of Power

by J. L. Brunton

Pages: 440

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FICTION - Christian - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781602661905

Price : $22.99


Who is The Mythrarc?
Aerion is doomed. Should the dangerous Syedthe be left to die with their
planet, or can a remnant be saved? The humans of the neighboring Keristaad Union
could save the Syedthe. Doing so would require both races to set aside generations
of prejudice, fear and distrust.
The Mythrarc, a Syedthe warrior and reluctant seer named Belwryn, holds the
key to this debate. The Seleem, a Syedthe word meaning remnant, have kept his
identity secret. The feeble Eldress of Shuadthra needs his help. The shadowed City
of Lecknar will kill him at first opportunity. The renegade seers of Ahncull seek to
coerce his power.
Yet, in the midst this debate, Belwryn finds himself saddled with the rescue of
Lexa, a disaster-prone Union pilot. If she dies, the Syedthe people die with her. Yet,
if Belwryn can keep her alive, he may find her difficult to relinquish.

J. L. BRUNTON has spent much of her life living in the much-maligned state of New Jersey, a place most of the United States
defines by Turnpike exits. Although a life-long fan of the science-fiction and fantasy genre, her career to date has been in the
banking industry where none of her professional writing to date has been intentionally fictional. She shares her suburban home
with two cats and a teenager, and on a good day, she manages to keep their names straight.

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