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The Dilemma: What Will Christians Do in 2012? by Mikhail Allen McMillian

The Dilemma: What Will Christians Do in 2012?

Who is On The Lord's Side?

by Mikhail Allen McMillian

Pages: 130

Dimensions: 7.5 x 9.25

  • RELIGION - Religion, Politics & State
  • EDUCATION - Curricula
  • RELIGION - Christian Theology - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781624193620

Price : $14.99

The Dilemma: What Will Christians Do in 2012? Is a must read for all Christians. It outlines in detail the divergent theology of the Mormon religion, and why Christians should not endorse it in any form. The first of the Ten Commandments that God gave to Moses and the children of Israel, was that they should worship no other God. Well, the god of the Book of Mormon is not the God of the Bible! The Dilemma: What Will Christians Do in 2012, contrasts in simple terms how Christianity differs from Mormon beliefs and doctrines. 
This book was written for all those who believe, love, and study the Bible. It is not meant to be a guide for the average church member who seeks to worship God in spirit, and in truth. It is easy to read and understand, and backs up every assertion with specific scriptural references contained in the Word of God.
Pastors, Bible Study teachers, as well as comparative religion instructors and students will greatly benefit from having this book in your church, or personal library. 
Examine it for yourself and you will come away with a greater knowledge of who God is.
Mikhail Allen McMillian 

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