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God's Possibility to Man's Impossibility by Silvestre Guerrido, M.Ed.

God's Possibility to Man's Impossibility

by Silvestre Guerrido, M.Ed.

Pages: 118

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Inspirational
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Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781629526980

Price : $12.49


If you believe miracles are only for people with faith, or for Christians only, you are sadly mistaken. Based on the Scriptures, I intend to demystify the idea that miracles are contingent on your faith only. Miracles are not necessarily contingent on your faith (although faith definitely helps), but in the love and character of God Himself. Faith is necessary for a relationship with, and to please God (“And without faith, it is impossible to please God; Heb. 11:6”), but not necessarily to see His goodness. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find such an encouraging and uplifting message that relieves you of much miss-teaching on the part of religion.
The book’s message is quite unique and one of those things that seem so obvious once brought up, but really eludes the common person until that moment. You will definitely find encouragement and edification in these pages that uplift the soul through correcting this popular and widespread misconception that many churches promote.
I will use many Bible verses and stories that show the content is not merely something I came up with on my own. My premises are based on the Scriptures, out of a sincere motive to correct wrong ways of thinking as it relates to God’s benevolence. The Bible is the only sure and credible foundation that spiritual discussions can stand on.
I will also use headlines of miracles in America from recent years. Miracles that happened not only to Christians, but to every-day people also. With this information, I make it very real and relevant to you, the reader, whether you are a devout Christian, or an atheist. And if you are an atheist, the pages of this book will introduce you to the God that created you, and to the great wonders He has preserved for you, once you come to know and accept Him. Why be content with a morsel, when you can own the bakery? Or why be content with a glass of milk, when you can own the cow? And by this I mean, Jesus can provide the miracle you need today to live the abundant life He promised. The world is so full of people and media that thousands of things happen each year without us being aware. If you want to, you will find modern day miracles everywhere. This information will make the discussion in the book immediate and relevant.
So, come, fly with me on the wings of God. Put God to the test today, and see if He will not open heaven itself to you, and will pour out blessings beyond your wildest imagination.

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