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WHAT every woman wishes her man KNEW ABOUT THE BIBLE by Derek Smith

WHAT every woman wishes her man KNEW ABOUT THE BIBLE


by Derek Smith

Pages: 360

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - General
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Personal Growth

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781630507756

Price : $19.49

Have you ever thought, ‘Boy, if only I had it to do all over again….?’ You can rest assured that you are not alone. For all of a man’s planning and effort to maintain his balance while walking across the ever-swaying tightrope of life, the sum of his existence often comes down to a few pivotal choices in life. Choices that will direct him ‘…straight to ‘Go’ to collect $200, or ‘…straight to jail’ to…well, you know. Board game setbacks aside, the self-inflicted wounds of a poor life decision can rattle through the corridors of a man’s existence, causing him to sacrifice so many irreplaceable moments in life – his baby’s first words, his child’s first day of school…little league games…wedding days. Why do some men repeat the same poor decisions that cause them to miss out on the true joys of life? It is because they fail to consider, ‘The Moment Before’.
The moment before dropping out of school. The moment before quitting that job.  The moment before robbing that store. The moment before breaking his wife’s heart with a meaningless affair. Most men understand the concept of, ‘The Moment Before’. Some even promise to invite ‘The Moment Before’ into their lives…tomorrow. The only problem is that tomorrow never comes.
If you want something new in life, you have to do something new in life.  You can’t wait until tomorrow because the only day guaranteed to you is today.  Packed full of proven principles, time-tested techniques and laudable life lessons, What Every Woman Wishes Her Man Knew About The Bible’ will be a definite help to the man who is serious about seizing today in order to live a better tomorrow!

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