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I See A Crimson Stream Of Blood by Rufus G. W. Sanders, Ph.D.

I See A Crimson Stream Of Blood

From the best selling story of the Father of the Apostolic Faith movement comes the 2nd edition of Collected lectures, conversations and presentations. Foreword by Ellington Ellis, great grandson

by Rufus G. W. Sanders, Ph.D.

Pages: 144

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Cultural, Ethnic & Regional - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662806391

Price : $14.49

This book will focus on the life and times of the individual who help to form one of the initial 20th Century Pentecostal theologies of this now prodigious movement; Garfield Thomas Haywood.
It is his oneness interpretation  of the Pentecostal message that lent energy and creativity to a movement that was attempting to redefine what it was to be Christian; while continuing to explain what appears to have been a monumental, historic undertaking; that being the intellectual explanation of the essential nature, character, personality, and identity of Jesus.
The author looks at the lives of some of Haywood's contemporaries and their nexus with him; i.e.; Seymour, Parham, Lawson, Schooler, Goss, Mason and Price to name a few. Sander's research is unimpeachable. It is based on a kaleidoscopic mix of private material, exhaustive research, close reading of other published writing and conversations he have had with some of the most important writers of Pentecostal history.
The book is neatly written and accessibly written in a popular format. This carefully chosen history allow Sanders to comment on themes most central to Haywood's legacy. The reader will sense that Sanders; a professor, has even more to say but restrains himself.
Read Vignettes on;
Hattie M. Hopkins
A.R. Schooler
C.H. Mason
W.J. Seymour
C.F. Parham
C. P. Jones
H. Goss
Biddy Mason
S.N. Hancock
S.J. Grimes
S. G. Lightfoot

Rufus G. W. Sanders, PhD is a former adjunct professor, psychotherapist, and journalist. He pastors in Ohio. Rufus has earned degrees from Bowling Green State University, Ashland University and Seminary in Ohio. He has done fellowship work at both Harvard and Columbia (NYC) Universities. Dr. Sanders lives with his wife, Professor JoAnn Sanders in Sandusky, Ohio. This is Dr. Sanders’ fifth book.

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