Christian Writers Award sponsored by Xulon Press

Grand Prize Winners Fall 2022

1st Place Winner

Gail Scoates

Paws, Purpose, and Possibilities
- Gail Scoates

How does one find meaning in the loss of someone they love? Karen, who lost her battle with colon cancer at the too-young age of forty-one, loved her family and her dogs. Paws, Purpose and Possibilities is the story of a sister who tried to find meaning in her grief over the overwhelming loss of her beloved sister, Karen. Travel on this journey and see how Karen's love for dogs started - and how so many dogs have loved others in her memory. From visits to hospitals and nursing homes to hospice houses and children with ADHD, you will see the wonderful things these dogs have done!

This is a journey with therapy dogs for over twenty years. Read about the “hows” and “whys” of therapy dog work done in her memory. Share the ups and downs and the joys of this work with golden retrievers Tucker, Max, and Sadie. And meet other very special therapy dog teams who helped make this journey a story. Along the way, read how faith and an acknowledgment of God's goodness and God's grace were present at every turn.

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