Christian Writers Award sponsored by Xulon Press

Grand Prize Winners Fall 2017

1st Place Winner

Jeff Walton

Final Departure: Death is Never on Time
- Jeff Walton

Ignore God or explore God? What should we do?

Cruising into retirement after years of chasing spies and bad guys, NCIS Special Agent Dan Lucas meets his match. Trapped in an airport with atheist professor Ben Chernick during a deadly storm, Dan is forced to reveal a secret. He believes in God but can he defend his faith?

Sensing blood in the water, Ben tries to destroy Dan's beliefs, only to find out that Dan is a walking case file full of evidence in support of Christianity. Sparks fly and people die. One man stands tall and one crumbles – literally. Who is hiding some dark secrets? Who is trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered life?

Final Departure: Death is never on time, is a book for people seeking answers. What will really happen when you die? Does God really exist? Is there really a heaven and a hell? Does secular science have all the answers?

Find the answers you've been looking for in this Benjamin Franklin Silver Award winning novel today!

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