Christian Writers Award sponsored by Xulon Press

Grand Prize Winners Fall 2018

1st Place Winner

Christie Miller

The Girl Behind the Door
- Christie Miller

A young girl named Sylvie who hides behind a door because she is scared of all the “what-ifs” outside. A small crack in the door gives her little glimpses of the world outside and allows her to meet with different visitors who come to the door, each with their own motives. Some, like Curiosity and Love, try to convince Sylvie to venture outside and find adventures past the door. Others, like Self-Pity and Regret, taunt Sylvie, telling her to stay be-hind the door where she feels safe. But is Sylvie really safe behind the door? What does she give up for a life of isolation? And when her other visitors have left, can the Good Shepherd fill Sylvie with the hope and courage that she needs to go beyond the door? The Girl Behind the Door is an inspirational story for children and adults who allow fear to control their lives.

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