Contest Closed.

The 2017 April Christian Writers Awards Writing Contest is now closed. This contest ended on Monday, April 10th 2017 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.

2017 April Contest Winners

We established this contest in 2009 in order to recognize stories written by Christian authors. This year, we are going to select one winner from among all of the entries we receive in order to showcase their work to other writers and the media via a press release announcing their win. This nets the writer a good deal of publicity, and then they can advertise themselves as an award-winning writer.
The Grand Prize winner will receive a FREE Xulon Press Elite Publishing Package in recognition of their achievement, as well as, a press release announcing their win to the media. The Xulon-issued press release will be distributed to 35,000 journalist and 250,000 subscribers through Google, Yahoo! News, Topix, eMediaWire, and on RSS feed.

The second place winner will receive a Premium Publishing Package and the third place winner will receive a Basic Publishing Package.
The Book Awards Contest recognizes full-length books from self-published Christian authors in a variety of different categories. The Christian Writers Awards Writing Contest, on the other hand, welcomes short 4,000 characters (including spaces -- approximately 700 to 750 words) submissions on virtually any topic relating to Christianity.
Entering our contest is as simple as a click of a button. Just head over to the Xulon Press Writing Contest webpage and submit your fee and story entry on the contest submission page. If you would prefer to pay by phone, we can accommodate you. Simply contact us by email at contest@xulonpress.com; we will be able to take your payment for you. There are no eligibility requirements such as age or published author status.
Yes, we are accepting entries from all over the world - not just the United States.
We accept credit and debit cards as well as checks. Please make checks payable to:

Xulon Press
2301 Lucien Way, Suite 415
Maitland, FL 32751
No, we do not refund the entry fee of $39.00.
Yes, as soon as you submit your story through our online form, you will receive an electronic notification that your story has been received by the Xulon Press team. If you pay by phone and submit your story to us through the contest@xulonpress.com email, you will receive a reply back that your story has been received.
We ask that you keep the story at a maximum of 4,000 characters (including spaces -- approximately 700 to 750 words). If the story exceeds 4,000 characters including spaces, it may be disqualified by the judges.

The story can be about anything as long as it has a Christian message. For example, some entries we have received in the past include the following topics: witnessing medical miracles, dealing with the passing of a loved one, accepting Jesus Christ as Lord for the first time, experiencing the power and presence of God in one's daily life, and much more. Your entry could be a poem, fiction, non-fiction, a children's story or even an excerpt from a book you have written.

Even if your story doesn't fit into any of these "categories," it is suitable for entry just as long as it contains a Christian message somewhere within it. If we have determined that your story is inappropriate or degrades the name of Jesus Christ in any way, we may refund your entry fee and disqualify your story. Your entry can not contain any copyrighted content unless you have written the content yourself.

No, we do not require you to send us a hard copy of the story. Simply e-mail it to us at contest@xulonpress.com or copy and paste it into the entry form on our contest webpage to submit it for consideration.

We are accepting our last submissions on Monday, April 10th 2017 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time. Anything submitted after this deadline will not be accepted.
Judges will be given a copy of each story as it is received and asked to evaluate each one based on the following criteria: style, content, clarity, pacing, inspiration, and originality. Even if your story is not technically perfect, it may be selected based on its message — so don't feel discouraged.
We do not disclose the identity of the judges so as to maintain anonymity and keep the contest fair and balanced. The judges are selected from among a crop of freelance editors, writers, and journalists, so rest assured they have a lot of experience critiquing submissions.
The winner will be announced on our website on or before Wednesday, April 12th 2017.
We will contact you by phone or email on or before Wednesday, April 12th 2017.
If you are one of the winners, you may redeem your free publishing package immediately. Simply call our toll-free line (1-866-381-2665). We will help walk you through the steps you need to take in order to publish with us. Prize winners must completed and submit a W-9/W-8 form before their prizes can be awarded.
A comprehensive list of everything included can be found at the package prices on XulonPress.com.
No. Xulon Press will NOT retain the rights to your story. You own the copyright.


Xulon Press Elite Publishing Package valued at $8,780

Xulon Press Elite Publishing Package