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Grand Prize Winners Fall 2023

1st Place Winner

Sherry Crandell

Tangled Ties
- Sherry Crandell

Franco Michelli has kept a secret hidden from everyone except his family for the past three years.

He never expected to meet Emily, much less fall in love with her. Now things are complicated and Franco is fighting an internal war. With his new found faith, he's finding it difficult to live with the agreement he made with his family that means he must keep a secret from the woman he loves. At the same time, Franco fears revealing the truth could devastate Emily and ruin any chance for their future together.

Emily Carter suffered heartbreak and embarrassment after being left twice at the altar. Her last relationship ended in utter humiliation when she discovered that her fiance wasn't the man he pretended to be. Emily believes her dream of meeting God's perfect man is dead, a fitting end for the daughter of a prostitute. Then comes Franco . . . When Emily takes a leap of faith by moving to Texas to be closer to Franco, she can't possibly foresee the effect her presence will have on the Michelli family, or on the agreement they made long ago at their family cabin.

The Michelli family cabin is a place that holds secrets, lies and unexpected ties - realities that will impact everyone, but perhaps Emily most of all.

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