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New Christian Book Releases of the Week!
Book Cover The Key to Revival is the Exaltation of the Lord Jesus Christ!by Rev. Dr. Duane F. Steeves, DDBook Cover The Kingdom of Godby Prophetess Ruby ClarkBook Cover A Scar over my Heartby Constance H. StrongBook Cover Personal Psalmsby Michael OreBook Cover FLASHES OF GLORYby Chris DoreanBook Cover The Heart of the Fatherby Joshua Rodríguez
Book Cover SMELLIN' GOOD, OR STINKIN' BAD?by Elisa VazquezBook Cover Middle of the Miracleby Pamela Frontz SaiegBook Cover I Choose To Rejoice!by Tammy HendrixBook Cover Breaking the Silenceby Marge VeseyBook Cover HOMESPUN FAITHby Daisy Beiler TownsendBook Cover TRUE FREEDOM: by Samuel L. Jones
Book Cover His Relentless Pursuitby Donna M ChurchillBook Cover When Is The First Lady Ever Firstby Barbara J. Warren McKinneyBook Cover NOAH by Richard HolmesBook Cover How To Be An Effective Teacher In The Public School Systemby Evangelist CJ LeighBook Cover Black Pearlby Sherry Taylor MooreBook Cover God Took Me by the Handby Dr. Larry Jackson
Book Cover ABSOLUTE TRUTHby Don SpilmanBook Cover DELIVERED AND SET FREE FROM THE SPIRIT OF CHURCH HOPPINGby Emma McCain, Ed.D.Book Cover Moments with the Masterby Steve ParrBook Cover THE LIBRARYby BILLY MCCOYBook Cover Reconcilable Differencesby Tami PflumBook Cover Talk Love Out Loudby Danny L. Kramer Jr
Book Cover No Sweeter Roots by Jane Cordell & Tiffany Waters
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