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November 2020 Author Press Releases

Nov 18 Anyone Interested in Prophesies about End Times Will Be Interested in This Book.
Nov 18 New Book Introduces Children to an Undercover Angel Who Teaches Them About God
Nov 13 As We Struggle Against COVID-19, Is There Another Threat We Should Be Watching?
Nov 13 When the Dream Suddenly Turns into a Nightmare, Where Are God's Promises?
Nov 13 Readers Can Let Their Memories and God-Given Talents Be Uplifting
Nov 13 Sometimes, All You Need to Get Up the Mountain are a Few Good Footholds
Nov 12 Don't Know What to Say? Here Are 20 Suggestions from the Word of God.
Nov 12 Author Offers Encouragement to Those Who Wish to Deepen Their Relationship with the Father
Nov 12 Love is the Only Weapon that can Combat the Hatred Taking Over the World
Nov 12 A Reminder That Nothing Can Separate Us from the Love of Christ, Even Our Own Mistakes
Nov 11 A Shift in Thinking: From What You Will Become to Who You Truly Are
Nov 11 In an Age of Continuous Deception, Discernment is Needed More Than Ever
Nov 11 New Book Encourages Readers to Use the Holy Spirit's Power, Because Satan is Real
Nov 11 Children's Book Explains the Gospel in a Fanciful, Entertaining Way
Nov 11 The Biblical Metaphor of a Powerful River Reaches Far Beyond Baptism
Nov 05 When the Odds Are Against You, Take a Deep Breath or a Rest, But Never Stop
Nov 05 The People We Read About in the Bible Weren't So Different From You and Me
Nov 05 I Gave My Heart to God, Now Everything in My Life Should Go Right. Right?
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