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March 2023 Author Press Releases

Mar 27 Award-Winning Author and Ordained Prophetess Shows God is Real Through Stories From When God Intensified Her Prophetic Gifts
Mar 23 Refreshing Inspiration For Caregivers Seeking Spiritual, Biblical and Godly Guidance
Mar 23 Based on Her Own Personal Journal Entries, Author Demonstrates Why Taking the Hand of the Lord is the Best Decision Anyone Can Make
Mar 23 Retired News Media Writer Pens Much Needed Guidance; Exploring Why Traditional Values are of the Utmost Importance
Mar 23 Experienced Pastor Explains the Truth about the Return of Jesus Christ
Mar 21 Author Treats Readers to Exciting Second Installment in Her Fictional Mercy Book Series
Mar 21 City Girl Heads to the Country and Discovers the Locals are Not What She Expected
Mar 20 Sometimes Knowledge Is Power; Sometimes It Is Just Torture
Mar 20 New Testament Teaching Supports Freewill Offerings Rather than Mandatory Tithing
Mar 20 Do Not Be Satisfied With A Few Drops of Jesus' Blood; Be Drenched
Mar 16 God Can Use the Pain of Your Past and Guide You to a Glorious Future
Mar 16 Only God Could Orchestrate Our Lives into Such a Perfectly Random Symphony
Mar 16 Learn How to Engage Those Who Offend You and Begin to Be the Change
Mar 13 If You've Met Jesus But Don't Know What To Do Next, You've Come To The Right Place
Mar 13 Juvenile Fiction Picture Book Will Be a Winner Among Young Sports Fans of All Ages
Mar 13 Author's Never Before Published Army Stories, Serving Alongside Elvis Presley
Mar 06 The Battle May Be Fierce, But There Is One Fighting For Us
Mar 06 They Don't Trust the System, But They Do Trust One Another
Mar 06 New Guide to the Gospels Shares the Wisdom of Veteran Bible Teacher
Mar 06 We Should Never Underestimate the Impact We Can Have On Those Around Us
Mar 01 James Wasted No Time In Addressing Speech, and Neither Should We
Mar 01 After His Wife Committed Suicide, His Life Changed Forever
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