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May 2022 Author Press Releases

May 31 Inspirational Memoir Demonstrates How God Hears and Helps His Children
May 31 All Christians Are Called to Share the Gospel, And Gabelman Shows You How
May 31 Change Your Life and the Lives of Others Through Prayer!
May 31 In the Midst of All Those Offering Advice, God's Word Never Fails
May 31 Even After Victory Was Won, There Was a Lot of Healing Left to Do
May 31 College Basketball Coach Pens Thought-Provoking Collection of Spiritual Reflections
May 31 If You Knew Why You Think The Way You Do, Would It Change Anything?
May 25 People May Let You Down, But Your Heavenly Father Sees Your Every Tear
May 25 How We Live Our Everyday Lives Depends Greatly Upon the Question, “Why Were We Created?”
May 25 Those Who Seek Unity in the Body of Christ will be Interested in its Beginnings
May 23 When Corruption Runs Rampant, Everyone Has a Role to Play
May 16 Researching His Family's lineage, This Author Discovered His Ancestors Participated in One of the Most Famous American Wars In History
May 16 Compelling Book Shows How the Power of Prayer Can Help Equip the Next Generation With a Hope For a Future.
May 16 Now is the Time to Stand Firm and Accept the Lord Jesus Christ as Your Savior
May 12 Young Author Pens Intriguing Cat Mystery With a Spiritual Twist For Teens
May 12 Have You Been Part of a Church For Many Years But Never Really Had a True Relationship With Jesus?
May 12 God Doesn't Expect You To Navigate Life's Journey Alone, So He Has Placed Ladders For You
May 12 How Much Does Your Self Worth Affect Your Treatment of Others?
May 12 Your View of Society and Politics Changes When You Understand the Spiritual Forces Behind It
May 11 True Love is Attainable and God Wants You to Experience It
May 11 If You Feel Ordinary, Get Ready! God Uses Ordinary People Every Day
May 11 If You Want to Show Children God's Purpose For Them, Start Here
May 02 How Would Your Life Change if You Talked to God About Everything?
May 02 A True Story of an Ordinary DNA Test That Shook a Shocking Lie Out of a Family Tree
May 02 Meaningful Exploration Deciphers the Significance of the Dialogue of Saint Catherine of Sienna
May 02 Once Your Eyes Are Opened to the Reality of Spiritual Warfare, You Need to Learn to Fight!
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