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July 2021 Author Press Releases

Jul 29 Don't Let Hollywood Guide Your Understanding of Bible Prophecy
Jul 29 Storms Will Come and They May Be Fierce, But God Will Use Them For Our Good
Jul 29 Forget Who Others Say You Should Be And Focus On Who God Says You Are!
Jul 28 Each Season of Life is Unique With Its Own Challenges, But this Journal Can Accompany You Through Them All
Jul 28 Personal Testimony Attests that Advances in Science Do Not Negate the Supernatural Works of God
Jul 27 God Grace Can Restore Any Life, No Matter How Broken
Jul 27 The Book of Revelation Holds Priceless Lessons for Churches Today
Jul 27 Saul Met Jesus on the Road to Damascus; Willy-Boy Finds Him on the Road to Jericho
Jul 27 Through a Global Pandemic and Social Unrest, Where Can Christians Find Solace?
Jul 23 Two People Facing Very Different Challenges, But Helping Each Other Overcome
Jul 23 Charming Forest Creatures Demonstrate Biblical Hospitality
Jul 21 God Loves You Right Where You Are, Regardless of Your Personal Journey.
Jul 21 An Analogy of the Hermit Crab Is Used to Explain Where Our Souls Go at Death.
Jul 21 Make Your Own Decisions By Leaning on the Power and Wisdom of the Creator.
Jul 21 Hold Onto Hope Despite the Ups and Downs in This Xulon Self-Help Book.
Jul 21 Bible Translators Continue the Work of Making the Bible Available in Every Language
Jul 21 Our Earthly Fathers May Fail Us, But Our Heavenly Father Never Will
Jul 21 Let Yourself Be Convinced: The Difference Between Day and Night is Jesus!
Jul 09 The Bible Holds the Answers We Need; All in Due Time
Jul 09 Beautiful New Book Seeks to Inspire Families to Visit Monasteries
Jul 09 Can Something Come From Nothing, Or Order From Chaos?
Jul 09 Change Lives and Share Strength By Sharing Your Own Story
Jul 09 Sometimes, Others Cannot Fix You and You Must Do The Work Yourself
Jul 09 If You Are Feeling Hindered In Your Prayer Life, Answers Are Available!
Jul 08 Three Suffering Women + One God = A Three-In-One Testimony
Jul 08 It Is Good To Know The Word, But Eventually You Must Also Live It
Jul 08 Best Selling Author Turns Her Attention to Mermaid-Loving Children
Jul 08 Experience John the Baptist's Unique Story Through New Eyes
Jul 08 It Was Her Worst Dream Come True; Where Could She Turn?
Jul 08 She Asked the Lord, “Is There More?” and Heard His Reply: “Yes!”
Jul 08 Enjoy Laughing and Making Animal Sounds With the Children In Your Life
Jul 08 How Can You Truly Love Others Without First Loving Yourself?
Jul 08 New Suspense Novel Shows Parents Pointing Fingers to Deal With Tragedy
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