Guide to Self-Publishing

More than 1,000,000 copies of Xulon Press self-published books have been printed and sold.

Welcome to the Xulon Press Guide to Self-Publishing. Here you will find some important information regarding self-publishing, the self-publishing process, and what you need to do to see your self published book achieve bestseller status.

For years, traditional publishers had a stranglehold on the competitive book publishing industry. If you are a Christian author seeking to publish your manuscript, you may have been disappointed to learn that most book publishers reject as many as 95% of all works submitted for review. The birth of the Internet changed the economics of book publishing, however, ultimately allowing for the self publishing industry to flourish. Today, some of the industry’s leading self publishing companies like Xulon Press help authors everywhere realize their dreams of publishing.

Among the specific author publishing services included with Xulon’s self-publishing packages are book design, editing, distribution, marketing and printing. Because of our established relationship with Christian bookstores and our advanced printing options, we can offer affordable rates to our authors while providing the highest quality of service. In essence, we will make the process of publishing your book as simple as possible, all while keeping the author’s costs to a minimum.


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