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Christian Self-Publishing

Questions About Christian Self-Publishing? Our Author Learning Hub Has Answers.

How to Write and Publish Your Christian Book

Let’s take your book from idea to manuscript. Whether you're looking to do it yourself or take advantage of our professional publishing services, we offer plenty of resources to help get your book from idea to manuscript. 1) Do It Yourself Read these resources online. The next pages walk you through the steps from getting your idea organized to final edits. Step 1: Before you Begin to [...]

Guide to Self-Publishing Your Christian Book

Guide to Self-Publishing More than 1,000,000 copies of Xulon Press self-published books have been printed and sold. Welcome to the Xulon Press Guide to Self-Publishing. Here you will find some important information regarding self-publishing, the self-publishing process, and what you need to do to see your self published book achieve bestseller status. For years, traditional publishers had a stranglehold on the competitive book publishing industry. If [...]

Step-By-Step: Self-Publishing Your Christian Book with Xulon Press

Step One: Select Your Publishing Package The first step in self-publishing your Christian book with Xulon Press is selecting one of our Publishing Packages. Our comprehensive self-publishing packages come with an extensive collection of features that are essential for any self-published author, and our team of experienced Publishing Consultants are ready to help you build the perfect package for your self-publishing needs. Not only are our self-publishing packages packed [...]

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