Xulon Press Guide to Self-Publishing

We help writers become authors.

Why Self-Publishing

Self-publishing allows the author to have control over the finished product – from concept to completion.

In the traditional publishing process, an author may come up against many obstacles to getting their work published. Whereas traditional publishing houses are both costly and exclusive, self publishing allows the author to eliminate the “middle man” altogether. By doing this, the author has greater control over the finished product – from concept to completion.

Armed with the tools to help authors reach potential readers through marketing and distribution, self publishers can help you achieve the expectations you have set for your newly published book. When you take the publishing reins, you will ensure that your book reaches the widest possible audience.

If you are eager to see your hard work come to fruition, then self publishing may be an ideal option for you. At Xulon Press, you can have a hand in every step of the process by working one on one with our seasoned team of professionals to create a product that not only meets but also exceeds your standards.


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