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Book Marketing

Questions About Marketing Your Book? Our Author Learning Hub Has Answers.

How To Build An Author Platform

Pillars and Planks If you’ve heard the term “author platform” before, but you’re not sure what it is exactly, you’re not alone. Take it from Mark Levine, author of The Fine Print of Self-Publishing: Simply put, a platform is comprised of all possible ways to get the word out about your book: email, websites, blogs, social media, followers, a group from the college you went to, and so [...]

When To Start Marketing Your Book

Yesterday. Well, okay. Since time travel hasn’t been invented yet, the better answer is: right now. Yes, even if your book isn’t finished yet. When it comes to book marketing, you also have to market yourself. If your book isn’t out yet, you can begin building your author platform. Without an author platform, you’ll be marketing into a big black void, and that’s never effective. How Do I Market? [...]

Book Marketing Glossary

Learn book marketing lingo, including terms such as author platform, book review, book trailer, and media kit. Below you'll find a list of terms and their definitions commonly referred to in book marketing. Author Brand: A representation of your unique identity and image. A strong brand is built on the ability to build and maintain relationships with readers by communicating with a unique and recognizable voice. Tangible elements such [...]

Why Every Author Should Have A Blog

We get this question a lot: why should authors care about blogging? The answer: there are literally too many reasons to list in one article. If you are an author, blogging is your friend. In fact, you should make it your best friend. I cannot stress enough how helpful it is for building your audience and your platform, and these days, it’s so easy to start a blog! [...]

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