Black & White Book Guidelines & Instructions

Black & White Book Guidelines & Instructions

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

If we will be typesetting your manuscript according to industry standards, please review our Manuscript Preparation Guidelines for all the necessary instructions. Any variation from these guidelines may cause a delay.

NOTE: If you choose any of the options below, your book will appear exactly as you submit it. We cannot make any changes to it whatsoever.

If you would like to view a sample layout please review our Industry Standard Sample. See below to view our Industry Standard Sample and compare different 12 point font styles and line spacing:

Font Single Spaced 1.5 Spaced Double Spaced
Arial Download Download Download
Book Antiqua Download Download Download
Bookman Old Style Download Download Download
Calibri Download Download Download
Cambria Download Download Download
Courier Download Download Download
Garamond Download Download Download
Times Download Download Download

Print Ready PDF Guidelines

Many authors are surprised by the difficulty of creating a print-ready PDF and find creating them to be a frustrating process. If you or your chosen designer do not create PDFs professionally on a daily basis and you are not digitally certified with a high-volume book printer, we strongly advise you against submitting your book text or cover in PDF form as “print-ready.” There is a big difference between a normal PDF and a print-ready PDF. We require print-ready PDFs to exact specs for publishing. Extensive delays and additional costs could be incurred if you choose this option and have to resubmit your PDF numerous times.

Unfortunately, Xulon Press does not offer training in how to create print-ready PDF’s, (though we do provide guidelines). Please consider allowing the professionals at Xulon Press to typeset your book and to design your cover. These services are included in the cost of your publishing program.

If you want to send us electronic files (a PDF file), please review PDF Submission Guidelines for information and instructions.

Scan Book Guidelines

If you only have a hard copy (printed) version of your book, you can send it for us to scan and then print. If you want to send us a hard copy (printed) version of your book for us to scan, please review our Scanned Book Guidelines for instructions.

Book Cover Design

If you’ve designed the front cover only and you want Xulon Press to design your back cover and spine, please review our Front Cover Design Guidelines for information and instructions.

If you’ve designed your full cover: