How to select a Christian book publisher you can trust.

How to you evaluate Christian book publishers…by quality, experience, reputation?  Of course.  But as a Christian author, your book project is far more significant than simply producing printed words on a page.  Ultimately, the purpose of your book is to share God’s story by telling yours.  When choosing a publisher, it is important to know that you are partnering with a company that shares your most treasured beliefs; a company that aims to publish high-quality books that also uphold and advance the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Xulon Press Christian Self-publishing

Xulon Press is the original Christian self-publishing company. Our track record makes us uniquely qualified to walk you through the questions and challenges that come up during the publishing process.  This can be a long and winding path, but thankfully you won’t have to do it alone.  Our Author Support team is committed to ensuring you are treated as more than just a customer. Our authors are family!

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We know there are a number of publishing options out there, but if you’re looking for the best publishing experience for your Christian book, we are the absolute best choice. Here are a few things you should look for in a publisher:

Your Christian book publisher should be a leader in Christian Media.

Xulon Press is a part of Salem Media Group, one of the country’s largest faith-based publishing and communications organizations.  With Salem, you are backed by more than 100 Christian radio stations and numerous Christian magazines.  And with more than 40 million monthly online page-views, we can reach the largest faith-based audience on the Internet.

Your Christian book publisher should have significant experience.

Xulon Press has published more than 15,000 Christian books since 2001. Title by title, we are larger than any other Christian book publisher, and the Xulon Press staff has more than 150 years’ experience in book publishing.

Your Christian book publisher should pay authors 100% royalty.

We are one of very few Christian book publishers who pay 100% of the net profits on all books sold through 3rd party retailers. Once you subtract the cost of printing, shipping and the share the retailer keeps, the rest is yours. We keep NOTHING so you earn as much as possible from your work! See our page on Understanding Your Royalty Rates for additional information, including details on how to calculate your royalty.

Your Christian book publisher should provide a quality product.

At Xulon Press, we print high-quality paperback editions on a trade-quality cream-white paper and a cover stock that is UV coated for a sleek look that adds durability and longevity to your books. Our award-winning graphic designers will design a beautiful book cover that fits within your genre, captures your story, and catches the eye of potential readers. Your interior is important too, and will be laid out by our talented team of typesetters, who will style your text to fit your genre and match your overall tone.

Your Christian book publisher should give authors volume discounts.

If you have a book signing, conference or special event and need to order books directly, Xulon Press offers one of the largest volume discounts in the self-publishing industry — up to 70% off the retail price of your book! We also provide you with free book sales profitability analysis to help you make the best decision on the quantity of books you need to order. See our page on Book Retail Prices for additional information.

Your Christian book publisher should provide distribution options.

We utilize lightning-fast print-on-demand digital technology to publish your book. We make your Christian book available through the largest distribution network of 71,000 retail and library customers globally. You don’t have to warehouse a large quantity of books. Customers can order your book online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers. Our distribution partners will print and fulfill your customer orders directly. Learn more about the distribution options available through Xulon Press, print-on-demand and traditional distribution.

Here are some common questions about Christian book publishing.

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