Social Media Marketing

The freedom of self-publishing meets the power of a traditional publisher.

Author Branding Bundle

Over a million books are published every year, which also means over a million authors are flooding the marketplace, striving to make their presence known.

Here at Xulon Press, we’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as the most trusted audience development partner in the publishing industry, providing our authors with everything they need to build a successful digital platform. Our Author Branding Bundle compiles a set of tools specifically selected to lay the foundation for an attractive, memorable author persona.

  • Branded Facebook Fan Page
  • Branded Twitter Profile
  • Branded Instagram Profile
  • Keywords Listing
  • Facebook Advertising Campaign
  • Amazon Exposure Program

Why should you let our Author Branding Team set up your social media pages?

1) Visual Branding. For your Facebook and Twitter profiles, we’ll create a custom header graphic for your page that represents you as a professional author as well as your book(s).

2) We’ll Do the Leg Work. An important component of author branding is consistency across channels; if a new fan finds you on Facebook, they should also know exactly what name they’ll find you under on Instagram. After supplying us with your choice of social media handle (ex: @AuthorJohnSmith), our Author Branding Team will complete the task of researching which handles are available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a consistent presentation.

3) We’ll Set Out the Milk and Cookies for Your New Fans. We’ll also get your social media presence jump-started by posting your first post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to welcome those eager new fans with open arms!