Book Editing

Editing is a key element in your book’s marketability.

Why Editing?

There are a few key elements every great book needs in order to have a chance at landing on a bookstore shelf: a riveting back cover description, an eye-catching cover design, and high-quality editing.

How do we know? Because a VP at one of the largest bookstores in the world told us so. Those are the first three things she looks at before stocking a title on her shelves.

Editing is a key element in your book’s marketability. Sure, your story needs to be interesting and well-written, but if it contains typos and mistakes, it’s a liability for a bookstore to carry it. No matter how interesting or powerful a story is, bookstores are a business, so they choose to carry books with a low risk of being returned.

How It Works

While most things in this digital age are now automated, computer programs still have not been able to replace human editors, so traditional and self-publishers still use human editors. To reduce human error, traditional books go through multiple rounds of editing with multiple sets of eyes, so we still recommend reaching out to teachers, librarians or writers in your circle to help you proofread your copy before turning it in to your editor.

Why Xulon Editing?

Because book editing adheres to a strict industry standard. While newspapers and high school papers use their own styles, books adhere to The Chicago Manual of Style. After you’ve finished your proofreading, our editors will perform a final, thorough edit and ensure your book is putting its best foot forward!

What Kind of Editing Do You Offer?

We offer several different levels and styles of editing to meet your book’s specific needs. Not sure what to pick? Select our Manuscript Review or Editorial Critique service to get a personalized recommendation from one of our editors.