Self-Publishing Frequently Asked Questions

At Xulon Press, we make self publishing your book easy. But if this is your first book self publishing experience, it may still seem like a complicated process. These questions and answers are designed to “cover the bases.” If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you offer editorial services?2018-01-31T16:53:03-05:00

We do offer a full line of Editorial Services. Please go to our self-publishing Editorial Services page to see the list of options.

Do you publish books in full-color?2018-01-31T16:51:51-05:00

We do publish color books. Please contact us for a custom quote on this service.

Will my book have an ISBN?2018-01-31T16:51:15-05:00

Yes. Your book will be assigned the International Standard Book Number required by book sales channels to track and order your books. In addition, Xulon will place a machine-readable Bookland/EAN bar code on your book’s cover. Without this, bookstores can’t order copies of your book.

How do I pay for copies I purchase?2018-01-31T16:50:52-05:00

We accept checks, money orders, and all major credit cards. Xulon Press does not invoice authors for books purchased. Payment must be made when your order is placed. Orders paid by personal check may take 4-5 days longer to process.

Who determines the retail price of my book?2018-05-17T09:43:56-04:00

The retail price is determined by your book’s page count. The retail price is imbedded (hidden) in the bar code, so retailers will know how to price your book. But the price is not printed on your book. This way you may offer your book at whatever price you choose. Go to our Book Retail Pricing page for additional information

Can readers order my book by telephone?2018-01-31T16:43:31-05:00

Yes! Your book will be available to order, through our toll-free number 1-866-909-BOOK (2665). We’ll print, pack, and ship the book for you, so you can focus on promoting your book, not taking orders, packaging, and running to the post office.

Will I have my own personal online book page?2018-05-17T09:47:06-04:00

Yes. We give you the ability to market and sell your book directly. All of our publishing packages include a bookstore page and we even take care of the fulfillment for you. You can visit our Christian Retail Bookstore to search for books published by Xulon Press.

Will bookstores stock my book on their shelves?2018-01-31T16:42:17-05:00

It’s up to each individual store, based solely on demand. We can’t promise stores will stock your book. But most bookstores in the country will be able to search for, find, and order your book on-demand through our distribution network.

Do I have to buy books to be published?2018-01-31T16:41:48-05:00

None. You aren’t obligated to purchase a single book to get published. We don’t bankrupt authors by demanding they purchase lots of books. No order is too big or too small. We’ll print and ship your order in 2-4 business days. Larger orders of more than 250 books can take an additional 2 to 3 days. All orders are shipped by UPS.

Are there any other costs associated with self-publishing with Xulon?2018-01-31T16:37:21-05:00

If your manuscript follows our publishing guidelines, there are no other fees required with the package you purchase. If you request changes to your text or cover while your book is in (or after) the production process, extra fees will be incurred. From time to time we offer upgrades or expanded marketing opportunities, but you are under no obligation to participate.

Are my book royalties taxed?2018-01-31T16:36:12-05:00

They can be. Always remember to consult your tax advisor. We do, however, require you to complete an IRS tax Form W-9 or IRS tax Form W8-BEN, depending on your residency. As a guideline, Xulon Press can only accept the IRS form in the same individual’s name as who completed the Publishing Services Agreement. We cannot payout your royalties until we have a completed W-9 or W8-BEN on file. Please go to for current forms.

Do you publish books for authors who live outside the US?2018-01-31T16:35:39-05:00

Yes, if you live outside the US we can help publish your book. Call 407-339-4217 for instructions on how to pay for your services. We don’t accept checks from banks outside the United States of America.

Who owns the copyright to my book?2018-05-17T09:40:00-04:00

You do. When you wrote your book, you automatically asserted copyright ownership. But registering with the U.S. Congress Copyright Office, which records this ownership more formally, gives you better recourse in case of infringement. Most of our publishing packages come with US Copyright registration. Please go to our Christian Self-Publishing Package Prices page for more information.

Will my book be listed on Amazon?2018-01-31T16:32:52-05:00

Yes! Your book will be listed on so that hundreds of millions of readers can view and purchase your book. You’ll be able to post your own review, check on sales rankings, and even link your own website.

Will you return my phone calls?2018-01-31T16:29:20-05:00

We value our relationship with our authors and know that the success of our books depends upon our relationship with you. We take customer service seriously. We assign team members from our Production, Account, Book Sales and Marketing departments to assist you.

How long does book self publishing take?2018-01-31T16:25:53-05:00

Generally, it takes about 90 days to get your book published and ready to order (45 days if you choose RUSH service). If you choose to review cover and text files on “hard copy,” instead of online, it will take an additional 2 to 3 weeks to deliver materials back and forth between you and our office. Scanned books may take 4-5 weeks longer to publish. Authors should not schedule book signings or other special promotions until they have their printed FREE books in hand.

What is on-demand publishing?2018-01-31T16:24:30-05:00

On-demand publishing means exactly what it implies: books are printed only as they are ordered. We use digital technology to store and print your book electronically. That means we print books only as the market demands them, removing the need to warehouse books. We can print a 500-page book in less than one minute, in any quantity, even one book at a time, fulfilling orders fast.

What kinds of books do you publish?2018-01-31T16:23:27-05:00

Xulon publishes Christian books, and we reserve the right not to publish any book. We publish books in many categories including Christian living, theology, church growth, discipleship, Bible studies, fiction, poetry, biographies, and many others.

What kind of book publishing experience does your staff have?2018-01-31T16:20:02-05:00

One thing that sets Xulon Press apart from other online book publishers is our experience. We have more than 150 years’ combined experience in Christian publishing. All of the company’s managers have experience working for traditional publishing companies, including Charisma Media, LifeWay, Revelation Marketing, Salem Media Group, Scholastics Publishing, Standard Publishing and more. Some of our staff members are also authors.

How is Xulon Press different from other self-publishers?2018-01-31T16:19:39-05:00

We’ve published more Christian titles than any other book publisher in North America – and we’ve printed more than one million books! How can thousands of Christian authors be wrong?

Is Xulon a “vanity” publisher?2018-01-31T16:18:46-05:00

No. Vanity publishers will charge you thousands of dollars to print a truckload of books, which they will not help you distribute. Xulon uses technology to keep your costs down, allowing you to buy books only as you need them. We make your book available for distribution to bookstores and online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. We pay 100% royalties on all 3rd party retail copies sold.

Who are your business partners?2018-01-31T16:17:08-05:00

Our technology is empowered by industry-leading firms Adobe, IBM, Apple and Microsoft. We work with the country’s leading digital book manufacturers, and we have marketing and distribution agreements with a host of organizations, including Ingram Distributors, Spring Arbor Distributors, and

Can I trust Xulon Press?2018-01-31T16:16:16-05:00

Yes! As a member of the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA), we are a reputable book publishing company. The staff has more than 150 years of combined experience in Christian publishing.

Why should I self-publish with Xulon Press?2018-01-31T16:16:43-05:00

It’s fast, easy, and affordable. You just give us your book manuscript and let us take care of the rest. Our seasoned staff will design an attractive, quality book. You don’t have to purchase a single copy to get published, and our revolutionary printing process lets you purchase copies in any quantity. You keep your rights and we make your Christian book available through the largest distribution network of 71,000 retail and library customers globally, plus online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Plus, you’ll be a part of the largest family of Christian authors in the world (there’s strength in numbers!).

We utilize lightning-fast print-on-demand digital technology to publish your book. We make your Christian book available through the largest distribution network of 71,000 retail and library customers globally, plus online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Who is Salem Media Group?2018-01-31T16:14:43-05:00

On June 1, 2006, Xulon Press was acquired by Salem Media Group. Salem Media Group is a leading radio broadcaster, Internet content provider and magazine publisher serving the growing audience interested in Christian and family themed content for air, online, and in print. Salem Media Group was founded in 1961 and now has more than 1,500 employees nationwide. Salem is listed in the NASDAQ stock exchange as SALM.

How long have you been in business?2018-01-31T16:13:54-05:00

Xulon Press was founded in 2000. The company has experienced rapid growth, publishing more than 5,000 titles. We’ve become the fastest-growing publisher of Christian books in the world.

Do I get to keep the rights to my book?2018-01-31T16:28:18-05:00

Yes! Our book publishing services agreement is author-friendly and allows you to take your book to another publisher if you so desire. Just let us know in writing. The book manuscript will always remain your work and the original work will always remain in your name and ownership.

What does your name mean?2018-01-31T05:45:23-05:00

Xulon is an ancient Greek word found in the Bible. John the Apostle uses the word xulon to describe the Book of Life and the Tree of Life in Revelation 22:19. Xulon is pronounced “Zoo-lon.” At Xulon Press, our mission is to add names to God’s Book of Life through the books that we publish.

Why have I not received a royalty report and/or royalty check?2018-01-29T18:05:59-05:00

The top reason an author does not receive a royalty report or royalty check is that they have not kept Xulon Press updated on mailing address, email address, or other contact information. Contact your Author Services Representative any time you change your email address, phone number and/or mailing address.

Do the bookstores, distributors or online retailers make money from my book’s sales?2018-01-29T17:47:34-05:00

Yes, bookstores, distributors and online retailers do make money from each book sold – just as is the case throughout the book publishing industry. But with Xulon Press, you keep 100% of the royalty and can make a lot more off each book sold than authors for traditional publishers do.

Can you let me know which specific bookstores purchased my book?2018-01-29T17:47:00-05:00

No. Distributors do not report specifically which bookstores or online retailers bought your book – just total sales when applicable.

What is a W-9 and why do I have to fill one out to receive a check?2018-01-29T17:46:10-05:00

You are required by law to fill out a W-9 for royalty payment earnings. We cannot process your check until we have this document on file for you. If you’d like us to pay your royalties for the sales of your book, you MUST complete a W-9 or W8-BEN and mail it to our Royalties Administrator.

If you are a United States author, please download your W-9 tax form from the IRS website.

If you are an International author, please download your W8-BEN tax form from the IRS website.

Xulon Press Royalties Mailing Address:

Royalties Administrator
c/o Xulon Press
2301 Lucien Way
Suite 415
Maitland, FL 32751

What is the wholesale price of my book?2018-01-29T17:42:40-05:00

It can range from 40% to 60% of the retail price of your book, but you can use 55% as an average. So if your book has a retail price of $12.99, the wholesale selling price will be, on average, $5.85. Remember, your royalty is paid on the wholesale price.

What is the retail price of my book?2018-01-29T17:41:42-05:00

Once you approve your final galley and know your book’s final page count, you can verify your book’s retail price. For more information, visit our current retail pricing page.

How can and stores offer my book for a discount? Doesn’t my book have a set retail price?2018-01-29T17:36:43-05:00

Your book has a set retail price based on your book’s final page count. We sell your book on your behalf at that retail price. But retailers (bookstores) and websites that sell your book, buy the books at a wholesale discount, and can discount your book.

When will I receive my royalty check?2019-04-18T14:30:44-04:00

Royalty payments are processed at month end for the previous month’s royalty balance owed to the author. Please note royalty payments are not issued until the royalty owed exceeds $25 for U.S. citizens and $50 for foreign citizens.

How can I track my book royalties?2019-04-18T14:26:39-04:00

We post royalty transaction details monthly for our authors via their Author Center and process monthly royalty payments. Book sales transactions are typically reported to us 60 days after the sale date. The data in these reports are surveyed and audited regularly to ensure accuracy. We do not currently offer real-time tracking of book sales or royalties.

How are my book royalties calculated?2018-01-29T17:31:45-05:00

Xulon Press is one of few publishers who pay 100% royalties on all book purchases. We keep nothing and give it all back to you! Visit our Royalty Rates page to learn more about how your book royalties are calculated.

What is a royalty?2018-01-29T17:29:37-05:00

A royalty is like a commission on the sales of your book. It’s paid to you for each copy of your book that is sold to bookstores, libraries, and on the internet, and through our toll-free order service number. With Xulon Press, you keep 100% of the net profit.


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