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Book Design & Layout

Questions About Book Design & Layout? Our Author Learning Hub Has Answers.

Book Design Glossary

Below you'll find a list of terms and their definitions to common book design terms. 100% Black: The shade of black used in black and white printing. The CMYK color values for 100% black (also known as “flat black”) are 0,0,0,100, which means it contains no colors other than black. 4-Color Black: Also known as “rich black,” this is a range of deeper black hues which are made [...]

All About Book Cover Design

When it comes to your book, the front cover will be the first thing any potential readers (buyers) will see. This can easily be the first impression your book will have on them. Sometimes our personal style or lack of experience can lead us to make poor choices in the matter. What do you do? How to do you create the best impression? Why Use a Graphic Designer [...]

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