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Book Printing

With Xulon, you get huge wholesale discounts on your book orders.

Book Retail Prices

Xulon Press gives you huge wholesale discounts on your book order. Your book is printed on-demand, lightning-fast, in any quantity. There is no minimum order required on the author’s standard discounts. Please contact your Book Sales Representative at 1-866-381-2665 to order.

Xulon Press Author Discount Chart

Xulon Press offers their authors some of the highest discounts in the self-publishing industry. We want you to make money on the sale of your books. You can receive up to 70% off of any book order placed with us.

Book Discounts

1 to 25 books 30% off
26 to 50 books 35% off
51 to 150 books 40% off
151 to 250 books 45% off
251 to 500 books 50% off
501 to 1,000 books 55% off
1,001 to 1,500 books 65% off
1,501 + books Please call 1-866-381-2665.

Book discounts listed above are for black & white paperback and printed in the United States.

How much will your book sell for?

A book’s retail price depends on it’s trim size, interior and page count.