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Advantages of Traditional Distribution

Advantages of Traditional Distribution

Most self-publishing companies today only offer POD (print-on-demand) services. What exactly is print-on-demand? A quick-print solution where books are printed and distributed one-by-one as they are ordered (i.e., demanded).

While Xulon Press does offer POD as one method of book distribution, we also offer a more traditional distribution service—which we call Traditional Distribution—through our imprint XP Books.

Why do authors love XP Books and our Traditional Distribution Program? First, you’re not required to print hundreds of books to join. Your personal Publishing Consultant can work with you to establish the number of books you should keep in storage—and no, you won’t be responsible for storing your books at home! All of those beautifully printed copies will be safely housed with our distributor while they wait to be shipped off to eager readers and bookstores.

One more reason to love it? It means you won’t be fulfilling those orders yourself as they come in. Our distributor will take care of packaging and fulfilling each order as they roll in from, B&, and retailers. We do the work for you!

XP Book’s Traditional Distribution Program also offers an exclusive opportunity to put your book in front of book buyers—and by “buyers” we mean retailers and wholesalers at Barnes & Noble, Ingram, Baker & Taylor and Follett! Our distributor has established relationships with purchasers for these retailers, and we work hand-in-hand with them to send copies of your book and your marketing pitch to buyers for each of these chains.

Many self-publishers will print your books, but then the service stops there. We also include one year of enrollment in a service that’s a “fan favorite” amongst bookstores: our hassle-free Returns Program. While we hope no bookstore ever has to use it, most retailers will only stock their shelves with books that carry a return guarantee. It’s a retail-friendly safety net that increases your chances of getting picked up by bookstores both nationally and locally.

The last benefit is printing cost: while printing a large batch of books at one time does cost more at the outset, Xulon Press and XP Books are proud to say we offer some of the lowest printing prices on the market.

To learn more about XP Books, and the difference between POD and our Traditional Distribution Program, speak with your personal Publishing Consultant today!