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Christian Self-Publishing

  • How to write and publishing your Christian book

How to Write and Publish Your Christian Book

Let’s take your book from idea to manuscript. Whether you're looking to do it yourself or take advantage of our professional publishing services, we offer plenty of resources to help get your book from idea to manuscript. [...]

  • Guide to Self Publishing

Guide to Self-Publishing Your Christian Book

Guide to Self-Publishing More than 1,000,000 copies of Xulon Press self-published books have been printed and sold. Welcome to the Xulon Press Guide to Self-Publishing. Here you will find some important information regarding self-publishing, the self-publishing [...]

  • Self Publishing Frequently Asked Questions

Self-Publishing Frequently Asked Questions

At Xulon Press, we make self publishing your book easy. But if this is your first book self publishing experience, it may still seem like a complicated process. These questions and answers are designed to “cover the bases.” [...]

  • Self-Publishing Your Christian Book - Step by Step

Step-By-Step: Self-Publishing Your Christian Book with Xulon Press

Step One: Select Your Publishing Package The first step in self-publishing your Christian book with Xulon Press is selecting one of our Publishing Packages. Our comprehensive self-publishing packages come with an extensive collection of features that are essential for [...]

Book Marketing

How To Build An Author Platform

Pillars and Planks If you’ve heard the term “author platform” before, but you’re not sure what it is exactly, you’re not alone. Take it from Mark Levine, author of The Fine Print of Self-Publishing: Simply put, a platform [...]

When To Start Marketing Your Book

Yesterday. Well, okay. Since time travel hasn’t been invented yet, the better answer is: right now. Yes, even if your book isn’t finished yet. When it comes to book marketing, you also have to market yourself. If your book [...]

  • Book Marketing Glossary

Book Marketing Glossary

Learn book marketing lingo, including terms such as author platform, book review, book trailer, and media kit. Below you'll find a list of terms and their definitions commonly referred to in book marketing. Author Brand: A representation of your [...]

Why Every Author Should Have A Blog

We get this question a lot: why should authors care about blogging? The answer: there are literally too many reasons to list in one article. If you are an author, blogging is your friend. In fact, you should [...]

Book Design & Layout

Book Design Glossary

Below you'll find a list of terms and their definitions to common book design terms. 100% Black: The shade of black used in black and white printing. The CMYK color values for 100% black (also known as “flat [...]

  • Book Cover Design

All About Book Cover Design

When it comes to your book, the front cover will be the first thing any potential readers (buyers) will see. This can easily be the first impression your book will have on them. Sometimes our personal style or [...]