Obstacles to Self-Publishing

The obstacles of self-publishing are few, but they may seem daunting to first-time Christian authors with little to no industry experience. The first few months after a book’s release are critical, as Christian authors will need to work proactively to promote their book in order to make sales.

Without doing the necessary legwork to promote and market their self published materials, Christian authors will find the public’s response to be mediocre at best. By developing a marketing strategy and plan (it is helpful to consult the suggestions listed earlier in this guide), Christian authors can target editors, book reviewers, and readers-some of whom might land you essential coverage in a news-worthy publication, or word-of-mouth buzz, or more.

Additionally, self-published authors may find the competition to get into bookstores is extreme. Major bookstores do not generally deal with smaller publishers; they tend to buy books from larger publishers, distributors, and wholesalers. Unless the author has the benefit of such distribution services, such an aspiration might be out of their reach. Fortunately, Xulon Press authors’ books are distributed through Ingram Book Group and Spring Arbor Distributors, which allows for these books to be orderable through many larger retailers and smaller Christian retail stores.


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