Getting Ready To Self-Publish

Here are some tips to help make your self-published book a success!

Before handing over your manuscript to your self-publisher of choice, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Type your book in a word processor such as MS Word.
This allows for publishers to rapidly and easily convert your manuscript into PDF format during the typesetting phase of production. Some newer versions of Word have built-in PDF creation, but many self publishing companies request that you send in your manuscript as a .doc.

2. Have you edited and proofread your book?
By scouring the manuscript with a fine-toothed comb, you will ensure that your book impresses potential readers and reviewers. If you don’t feel as though you are equipped to do this kind of work, you might want to consider an editorial service provider. With the help of a professional editorial service provider, you will enhance the quality of your final product-a book that is ready for readership. Xulon Press provides self-publishing editorial services.

3. Invest in a beautiful book cover design.
If the self publishing company you are publishing with does not already offer this service, you should know that a book cover is essential to how the public perceives your book. Your cover design may ultimately cause your campaign to fail or succeed, so it is important you take care when designing your cover. At Xulon Press, our award-winning graphic designers have received numerous accolades from authors who have been repeatedly pleased with their work

4. Do some early research.
During the time your book is in production, you should be scouting out local and national newspapers for book reviewers who might be interested in reviewing your new title in their column. Continue to search for other marketing opportunities so that when your book is completed, you can hit the ground running with your promotional campaign. Xulon Press also offers self-publishing marketing services.


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