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New Christian Book Releases of the Week!
Book Cover FOLLOW THE FIREby Mike LwinBook Cover When Harry Met Lilaby Gordon N. SmithBook Cover Gripped by a Global God: One Greater Than Jonahby Samuel H. LarsenBook Cover Yokes Series Presents: Adulteryby Charlan M. JohnsonBook Cover Behold the Manby L.B. YatesBook Cover The Rubiconby Paul Hallam
Book Cover Beside Still Watersby Nila HarmonBook Cover CREATION OF PERFECTION!by VINCENT N. PAULBook Cover THE MINISTRY OF ENCOURAGEMENT!by VINCENT N. PAULBook Cover EMPOWERING IMMIGRANTS by Ferdinand V. Melendres Book Cover The Oliver Bryan Storyby Juli Bryan with Gregory S. BryanBook Cover From Wilderness to Promiseby Joan M. Purcell
Book Cover BECOMING SAM WYATTby JEREMY GREENEBook Cover Kelli Roo The Kangaroo with the Golden Heart by Kelly HollinsBook Cover Memories of a Time Travelerby Bob JamesBook Cover The Hidden Treasury:by by Marybeth BittelBook Cover Secrets Revealedby Judi DaxonBook Cover Rapture Readyby Dr. Leon A. Frigon
Book Cover Sinner's Walkby Robert D. MackayBook Cover MANOAHby A.V. GernovichBook Cover MILHAJAHby Gary CephasBook Cover RESCUING TREASURES OF DARKNESSby Jan McLaughlinBook Cover SOLIDIFY THE BORDER by JEAN OLVANE DUCLAIR Book Cover AVOID THE CURSE THAT IS GROWING INTO YOUR LOCAL CHURCH by Jean Olvane Duclair
Book Cover A Husband and a House Full of Catsby Helen Edds Frazier
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