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Eunice Russell Schatz: Still Woman Moving

Still Woman Moving

Eunice Russell Schatz

6 x 9
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    A preacher's daughter who found it difficult to stay in church. A Yankee bred in the simplicity of rural New England who was thrust into the confusing social strata of a midwestern suburb as a pre-teenager and who bumbled her way through adolescence. A "late bloomer" whose sexuality was repressed by a rigid religious surround but released by a transformative rebirth in therapy. A person who experienced the "mother archetype" in all its complexity, until she was able to integrate its power into a nurturing vocation. A "father's daughter" who found the freedom to break the bond of adoration and move into marriage with a Jewish artist/poet. A woman who traversed the wilderness of the "dark night of the soul" to its nadir point and found the "hidden treasures of darkness" in contemplative silence and solitude. A person who gravitated toward creating and shaping organizations that were expressive of each stage of her changing approach to healthy spirituality, as well as the surrounding culture and times. And therefore a person filled with hopeful joy and optimism because she believes in the possibilities of change throughout life.

    Author Profile

    Eunice Russell Schatz has spent a lifetime in Christian ministry— writing curriculum and training leaders for Pioneer Girls, co-directing an alternative urban program for students from Christian colleges at the Urban Life Center in Chicago. Currently she and her husband Don work from their home in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, counseling adults in transition in their life and work in a ministry called Life/Work Direction. Eunice also wrote The Slender Thread: Stories of Pioneer Girls' First Twenty-five Years. She holds Master's degrees in Christian Education (Wheaton College, Illinois) and Sociology (University of Chicago).
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