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Don Stewart Nimmons: Treasures of War

Treasures of War

Don Stewart Nimmons

7.5 x 9.25
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    How many millions of Americans must lose their lives while fighting religious ideology wars and "evil gods"? The worldwide media are filled with stories on the evil committed by religious-based terrorism against innocent people. Bureaucrats often compromise their positions on fundamental values because they fear the underground terrorist cells. I vowed to tell the stories of the ruthless "living evil gods" and their divine worshipers during World War II and the unimaginable horrors of war and sacrifices made by the American and Allied soldiers and their families. "Living evil gods" invaded and looted nations of their treasures to finance battles and to conquer and destroy enemies. Many war crimes were brushed aside by corrupt American and Allied military and political leaders. Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Christian, and Shinto all profess peace. However, when a radical group of any religion seeks power over nonbelievers, it reverts to terror to conquer and maintain its disciples. America should use its God-given powers to remove fanatical groups that use terrorist methods to destroy our freedoms.

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    Don Stewart Nimmons was born in 1936 to parents of English/Scottish royal ancestry. He is a prosperous and renowned global businessman and a master storyteller. He was educated at several major universities in America and overseas. He began his global business career in 1965 in Brazil and South America, followed eventually by Europe, the Middle East, the former Soviet Union, and Asia, including major victories in palaces and with government leaders. As an acclaimed motivational guest speaker, he has made presentations to all levels of society. In recent years as an occasional teacher, he has shown students how to receive the academic and motivational support to succeed. Nimmons and his wife currently live outside of Houston, Texas, where he is hard at work writing his next novel, teaching, and performing his duties as an international business entrepreneur. He can be contacted through his e-mail address,
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