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Sheila Lattisaw: On Wings of A Butterfly

On Wings of A Butterfly

Sheila Lattisaw

6 x 9
  • RELIGION - Christian General

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    On Wings of a Butterfly is about a young woman's plight. Because of her dysfunctional family, she had to fight her way through emotionally and physically. Her parents were divorced when she was three years old. She grew up with the hope of one day being able to have solid family values and the respect of her children.However, her mother, a Madame and well-known prostitute, sought to keep her profession in the family, threatening Sheila's vision. Sheila looked to other women such as her grandmother, godmother, and aunts as role models for strength and encouragement. At the age of sixteen, she gave birth to her first child; eight weeks later, her fiancé was murdered. At the age of twenty, she married her first husband, only to lose him to a freak accident six weeks after their first child was born. Devastated, Sheila went on to encounter many other terrible circumstances such as rapes and drug abuse, resulting in a broken heart and depression that threatened her mental instability. Early one morning, Sheila fell to her knees in hope of deliverance from a life she no longer wanted, which was sending her deeper and deeper into a pit of no return. After her deliverance, Sheila moved to the Washington, D.C., area where God began to tug on her life. She became a spokeswoman for the Gospel and a living testament to God's glorious miracles. During this time, she met and married one of her miracles, her present husband. Sheila went into ministerial studies under the direction and leadership of her present pastor, Roland Kenner Jr., of the International Church of Christ. Many women all over the world face devastations and heartaches as they fall victim to bondage.However, it does not have to be that way. God is a healer of all things, and He can take away the pain no matter what it is, no matter how devastating.

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