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Natalie Thomas: No More Than I Can Bear

No More Than I Can Bear

Natalie Thomas

5.5 x 8.5
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    All of us live our lives with a certain vision of what our future will be. In the twists and turns that our journey through life might take, do we ever venture to imagine that the mirror of our lives can so easily be shattered into many painful, piercing shards? How much will God ask us to bear? My story appeals to many audiences and all those who desire to have a personal relationship with the true and living God. Readers will join me on my journey from the "perfect" life, through discovery of betrayal, deceit, adultery, and criminal activity, followed by diagnosis of a life-threatening illness.With honesty and vulnerability, I communicate that there is triumph in every trial and lessons in every mistake. Different choices can be made, and the mighty hand of God can break chains of bondage forged by years of sinful behavior.

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    Natalie Thomas was born in Winter Haven, Florida, where she attended the local schools. Natalie's college days were spent at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia, and the University of Central Florida, where she received bachelor's degrees in biology and medical technology, respectively. She also holds a master's degree in health sciences from the University of Central Florida. Natalie worked for twenty years in hospitals as a medical technologist. As a mother, she is most proud of her five precious blessings, her children. She thanks God every day for the privilege of being their mother.Natalie believes the call on her life is to learn, share, and listen to hurting brothers and sisters and be a witness that "Without Him you can do nothing" (John 15:5). No More than I Can Bear is Natalie Thomas' first literary project. Gaylynne Sword is a novelist who lives with her family and writes in Orlando.
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