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Essays on Human Sexuality and the Family by Ronald L. McCartney, M.S. M.D. and L.Dale McCartney M.D.

Essays on Human Sexuality and the Family

by Ronald L. McCartney, M.S. M.D. and L.Dale McCartney M.D.

Pages: 102

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Love & Marriage
  • SCIENCE - Cosmology

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498460194

Price : $12.49


About the Authors
The author, Dr. Ron McCartney, writes from a life-long interest in the transcendent, which was begun at 4 years of age by the emotional trauma caused by the deaths of a beloved puppy and a revered great-grandmother. His interest in science was awakened by the house calls of the family physician who came to treat all the childhood diseases and other medical needs.
Introduction to Darwinian Evolution in the 7th grade sparked an interest in origins that continues and is the subject of his first two books: ESCAPE TO REALITY and EVOLUTION OF FAITH.  The current book of essays is the result of the impetus created by the incredibly rapid acceleration of major changes to our social structure in the last few decades—changes that put our Judeo-Christian civilization in jeopardy.
Writing from a background in science (M.S. Biochemistry, M.D., Board certification in Radiology) and from studies in Comparative Religion and the Bible, the author’s passion is to separate “science” theory and fiction from the realities of empirical science and Biblical Revelation, the latter two of which complement and reinforce one another. Thomas Aquinas was able to synthesize the study of science and revelation in the 13th century in a similar fashion, but unlike today, he did not have to deal with Atheistic Materialism that has been on the ascendancy since the mid-1800s.
Dr. L. Dale McCartney is the author’s second son, and shares his dad’s passion for an intellectually sound worldview. Cellular biology is one of his special interests. He is an Emergency Room and Family Medicine physician who has published some of his unique perspectives in the book, SPACED-OUT SCIENCE, Dark Secrets of Evolution and Religion’s Answers (West Bow Press, 2011).

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