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Glenn McCoy : It Seemed Like the End

It Seemed Like the End

Glenn McCoy

5 x 8
  • FICTION - Christian General

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    Book Summary

    "It Seems Like the End" is a fictional story of a young boy, neglected of love from his parents. Getting involved with the wrong friends, he finds himself in trouble and in a detention center. By the love and prayers of a Christian lady, who gets her pastor involved, the young man is set free. Through the experiences, the mother is saved, the son is saved, and several boys in the detention center are saved. One young man, clinging to life in the hospital, is the center of prayer. Troubles did not stop after this however. Jerry Ridges finds himself in what he thinks is trouble again and starts to run. This time he comes to the place where it seems like the end, only to find a new beginning. The events that take place after this show how actions speak louder then words and how God does work in marvelous ways.

    Author Profile

    Since the birth of our first child, fifty-one years ago, I have had a fantasy for writing and telling stories. During that period of time I have written several stories, cantatas, and songs but have never proceeded to get them published. Family and friends have encouraged me to do so over the years but I was one of those people who did not have confidence in themselves. I needed to realize it was God I needed confidence in and not myself. My wife and I have been married fifty-two plus "happy years" and have raised six children (two boys and four girls). We now have twelve grandchildren and thirteen great grand-children. I have worked with children in our church since six months after our marriage and can see how important it is for parents to be involved with their children.
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