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Pauline Brash : Perils To Pearls - A Turning Point

Perils To Pearls

A Turning Point

Pauline Brash

6 x 9
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    Pearls are formed through pain and perseverance. Pearls tell the story of one person’s journey through the sometimes rough and difficult terrain of life – a journey that is lived by many innocent, vulnerable children whose future, in part, is in the hands of parents and other adults. In part, because there is always the ever present powerful hands of God that work to produce miraculous results.

    Pauline’s pearls tell a great story.

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    Pauline and Henry presently reside in Zion Illinois. They each work outside the home and go into the Market-place daily. They also pastor the New Horizons International Ministries also in Zion.

    Pauline is still diligent about the things of the Lord and has no greater joy than to see someone come to faith in Christ.

    When called upon she travels to teach at Womens’ Seminars and Conferences or to support Henry when he travels for ministry also.

    She is working on her new CD project and also supporting Henry with his. There is another book forthcoming for the Sequel– Side by Side…

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