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Roseline Gaston Rabouin: Bible Truths Revealed: The Return of Christ

Bible Truths Revealed: The Return of Christ

Roseline Gaston Rabouin

6 x 9
  • RELIGION - Biblical Studies

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    Roseline Gaston Rabouin is a missionary woman; she is filled with wisdom, love, humility. She is a devoted servant of God. Engaged in Bible studies and researches, she dedicates a great deal of her time for the Holy Scriptures trying to unveil God’s profound secrets, which must be disclosed according to God’s will at the end of times, as he commanded Daniel, and John in Revelation. Submitted to the Spirit of God, she is working passionately to satisfy the strict requirements of the Holy Bible where abounds the word of God. In this way this book is available to all those who are interested and who believe, like Jesus said in John 3:16; Mc. 16:16. This manual is then intended to help you to discern clearly the will of the LORD God, his plan which he has had from the creation of the world. Be wisely curious; read this book, search; and God’s Spirit will provide for you. As regards sister Roseline, if she should give her last breath into the “holy inquisitiveness” studying the Holy Scriptures or preaching God’s word, one may trust that she would feel quite simply pleased.

    Once again, this piece of work is to serve you: take advantage of it while it is still time.

    Written by her beloved brother Wilhelm Gaston

    2 chr. 7:14

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