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Kevin D. Sturdivant : Uncovering Church Cliques and Finding Faithful Friends - none

Uncovering Church Cliques and Finding Faithful Friends


Kevin D. Sturdivant

5.5 x 8.5
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    Was Jesus cliquish? If not, why did He spend so much time with Peter, James, and John? How can you identify cliques in the church and distinguish between clique members and faithful friends? For too long, the subject of cliques has been overlooked and brushed aside in the body of Christ. In Uncovering Church Cliques and Finding Faithful Friends, Kevin Sturdivant takes a comprehensive look at the problem of cliques, gives you inspired information on how to overcome the diabolical influence cliques can have, and explains the personalities you should look for in finding friends who live up to Biblical standards. You can be free from the pressures of cliques and find faithful friends! This book will show you how. “This work is necessary because it will help you to identify tactics of the enemy to isolate people in the church, while also giving you encouragement to stand even if you are invited to be a part of the clique. This is a must read, and intentionally helpful!” Dr. Sir Walter L. Mack, Jr. “This is the antidote to the destructive division that operates in today’s church.” Pastor Timothy B. Blackwell “If you have been damaged and rejected by those you called friends, you owe it to yourself to read, seed, and heed the words in this book.” Dr. Larry E. Covington

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    KEVIN D. STURDIVANT is an award-winning writer of prose and poetry. He has worked in Christian ministry for more than a decade, specializing in ministry development. He currently serves as pastor of the Grooms Chapel Missionary Baptist Church in Reidsville, North Carolina and director of the Ebenezer Institute of Theological Studies in Burlington, North Carolina.
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