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Victoria M. Case : GRACE for The Race - Going from Sorrow to Glory...

GRACE for The Race

Going from Sorrow to Glory...

Victoria M. Case

6 x 9
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    As a young girl, I knew there was a God Who was always with me. But, it wasn’t until I walked away from the God of my childhood saying “Goodbye” for a season (to follow after what I had hoped would truly fulfill my life and dreams) did I discover His undeserved Grace.

    It all started when a sixteen year old Country boy who moved to the City; came into my life and took the place of my God that my Journey towards truth begin. How could I turn my back on Someone I could not see; for someone I could see? It was easy for a fourteen year old, teenage girl who thought that she had known it all. How could a person foolishly say “God you wait here – I need to do this first, and then when I am ready I’ll call on You.”

    Many of us do this every day and this choice was the beginning of my path to darkness, guilt and shame. Learning that when turning away from the Light you know to be true; soon you will begin to stumble into the Darkness…and that’s where GRACE begins.

    This story about my life marks my journey through times of sorrow that were turned into victories by God’s Remarkable Grace. When you choose to trust in Jesus and “not give up” no matter how difficult your circumstances become, each one will be used to bring Glory to His Name. My HOPE is that by reading this book you will be encouraged to continue on in your journey no matter “what” lies ahead…

    Victoria Case – Florida – March “2011”

    Written by: Victoria Marie Case 04-07-2011

    Minister @ Cadillac Revival Center Church 

    Married 38 Years to Ronald J. Case Sr. (Widowed)

    Seven Children & Seventeen Grandchildren

    Retail Stores