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Richard Guy : With God You're Always a Winner - The Chaplain of Stock Car Racing

With God You're Always a Winner

The Chaplain of Stock Car Racing

Richard Guy

6 x 9
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    Brother Bill Frazier

    A living testament to God’s Love and Grace

    Bill Frazier showed up unannounced at a race in Talladega in 1970 with home-built Chapel-on-wheels, and like a missionary in a foreign land, started to minister to the race drivers, the crews and their families.

    Person-by-person, and race-by-race, Bill Frazier earned the trust and respect of people who lived a fast paced life, and were considered by many “church-goers” beyond redemption.

    And Brother Bill, as the racers came to call him, found that there were many God fearing men in the racing world, including the sports super-stars. Men like Richard Petty and Bobby Allison, who quickly adopted Bill Frazier’s Ministry, and helped it to grow.

    But the story of Bill Frazier’s life is a story of battling personal demons. Bill was an unlikely candidate when God rescued him from a turbulent life style, as Bill became living proof that “it’s through Him that I can do all things”.

    Bill’s effectiveness at establishing a full time ministry in Stock Car racing is still appreciated by many. As for Bill Frazier’s style, Richard Petty put it best;

    “Bill came in with his people, not above them. The only difference between Bill and the crews in the pits, was that Bill would get up and preach on Sundays”

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