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Sandy Hanson : A CAMEL'S STORY, My Father's House -

A CAMEL'S STORY, My Father's House

Sandy Hanson

8.5 x 11
  • RELIGION - Inspirational

  • EDUCATION - Parent Participation

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    Book Summary

    “ My Father’s House ” celebrates the

    resurrection of Jesus Christ.  You will rejoice with

    Xavier  and his friends as they discover their risen

    Lord and Savior!  They want everyone to know Him!


    Their visit to the heavenly city will help unlock the

    mystery of the Lamb’s Book of Life and more.

    When they see the heavenly battle, they are inspired

    to tell everyone the Good News – Jesus is alive!

    We live in the promise of His return (the Feast of Trumpets).


    Travel with Xavier and his friends as they embark on

    the biggest adventure of their lives!  The Banquet

    table is set – Heaven is simply “out of this world”!

    Author Profile

    Author  Sandy Hanson  intertwines facts and

    Biblical truths in the optional reading beneath

    the camel’s story to build our hope of eternal life.

    We are encouraged to spread the “Good News” as

    we look forward to our home in Heaven.

    Artist Kristi Delage, brings life to the author’s rough

    sketches.  She skillfully captures the emotions and

    drama of each scene with her water color pencils on more than

    25 full color art pages.   

    My Father’s House is an interactivie picture story enjoyed by

    all ages.  We hope these stories will be used to pass the

    foundation of our Christian heritage to our children

    and to the world.  May God bless each and every one

    who is touched by these stories!


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