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ALFRED UDOBONG : YOUR CHOICE, YOUR DESTINY - Raising the success squad


Raising the success squad


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    Book Summary

    What makes an opportunity beneficial to people around the world is nothing but the quality of the decision they make when that opportunity comes.

    By reading this book, God is bringing you to the finest moment you will ever have and desire no matter your dreams. Without a guided and determined choice to follow your dreams and the things you strongly believe in, you will never be able to make any meaningful progress despite those struggles.

    The invitation to come out of obscurity and out of the crowd is for everyone, but only those who are armed with the best information and determination will be able to take advantage of such invitation to impart their future positively.

    Your choice sets the stage for the future you dream and desire. It sets the table for you to sit with amazing people doing amazing things that bring you joy. Your entire life is dependent on the choices you make. Your choice affects you, your generation and your nation. The choices you make now determine the life you have tomorrow.

    This book will give you many examples to follow in making a good choice.

    It is about your original purpose and God’s best plans for your life now and in the future. In these pages, you will discover the choices that will help you reach your rightful place in life. You will find motivation, encouragement, mandates to keep and follow, purpose, and expectation to see another joyful day. You will discover yourself more than you have ever done before.

    Your choices are optional, but the consequences are not. Life is not a matter of chance but a matter of the choices you make. 

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